How to send/receive Burstcoins

The Burst Wallet allows everybody to create transactions that can be submitted to the Burst Network. Remember that the Burstcoin transaction system is decentralized. So a local wallet is part of the network and it helps relay new transactions and new blocks to other local wallets in order to keep all of the local wallets updated with new transactions and new blocks.

Lets say that you want to send 2000 burst to someone. When you enter the transaction details and click submit, your transaction's data is sent to other nodes on the network. It enter a category known as unconfirmed transactions. Average confirmation time is 4 minutes.

What is BURST? – The future of money, stocks, and money generation.

BURST is a computer based platform capable of much more than any current system, it is a financial platform, it is a sales platform, it is a stock market, it is the future of the way we will view money. It is a Bitcoin 2.0 platform, meaning it is like bitcoin in base ways, but vastly improved over bitcoin, and has a lot more to offer. The interface is nicer, the system itself is as secure and the way it is minted, or ‘mined’ is future proof, taking a fraction of the power of Bitcoin mining, but that’s not all, because of the way the mining works, it is naturally able to stay more decentralized, and won’t get to the point Bitcoin is today with basically 4 large companies running the vast majority of the network. This is the way crypto currencies, including Bitcoin, were supposed to be by design, but because of the growth of specialized and expensive mining hardware for the Bitcoin algorithm, it has moved away from its original goals, and is now much more centralized than the creator had wanted it to be. BURST will never be this way, due to the fact it can be mined on normal every day computer hardware that everyone has available, and everyone has the free space on their devices that is necessary to mine BURST right now, without making any purchases at all.