News Announcement 8/15 - Burst-Team Infrastructure Status

The burst-team infrastructure including forums, pools, and associated websites are expected to be offline until Friday or Saturday, August 18/19. There was another DoS attack that has forced the hardware to be relocated, and these dates are the expected time that they will be coming back online...subject to shipping delivery.

Until are some links to still get some Burst information.

GetBurst Burstcoin Discussion Forums - In Open Beta! Come join and read the rules. No drama allowed!

Burstcoin Discord Server Feel free to come and chat and ask questions about Burstcoin.

Burstcoin Block Explorer

Web Wallet

Burst Github

Burst Network Explorer

Burstcoin "Begging" Subreddit Come here to ask for Burst if you're starting out. Also come here if you're in a giving mood. Burstcoin Wallet Downloads

Burstcoin Mining Calculator

Burst FAQ

Burst Blocks XD Watch the pools win the blocks!